Protecting the planet with the new CFCs of the A2L type

Increasingly stringent requirements to reduce the level of potential global warming (GWP) of refrigeration systems, professionals have the opportunity to start the green transition today by switching to A2L refrigerants, with a GWP level of less than 150. And so as the change takes time, there are products on the market, such as Danfoss's silent outdoor mounting units, from the Optima series, which are compatible with the new A2L refrigerants, compatible with R1234yf, R45C and R455A refrigerants, and are safe to install. Responsibility for life on our planet is universal, not only to engineers and manufacturers, but also to us, the installers of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and the service we perform, we become part of the factors that affect the depletion of the ozone layer and global warming of the planet. For comparison, I will give you the example when in case of an accident or repair a refrigeration system that works with R404A freon, 1 kg of this refrigerant is released into the atmosphere, its negative impact on the environment is equal to the negative impact of the movement of one a car that has to travel 32,000 kilometers. You realize the enormous impact on the environment, from the release of only one kilogram of this refrigerant. From here follows the calculation, but if 5 kilograms of refrigerant R404A are released into the atmosphere, this is equivalent to 160 thousand kilometers of a car. This equates to the number of refrigeration plants worldwide, as small refrigeration plants are loaded with 5-10 kilograms of refrigerant, and most industrial refrigeration plants are loaded with refrigerant quantities over 500 kilograms, the possibility of such an accident and the release of a large amount of freon is completely real In addition to our responsibility, measures are being taken to switch to A2L type environmentally friendly refrigerants and natural refrigerants R290, R600, R600A. The downside, if we can call it that, is that these CFCs are easily flammable, which requires more attention and responsibility when working with them. By 2032, a significant reduction in the use of convection CFCs is expected, and a shift to A2L CFCs and natural refrigerants. We at Hlad Ltd., as certified installers of Danfoss products, from the start of our business until today, are aware of these shocking facts, and follow all the rules and practices for the protection of life on our planet, for a better world. our children.