Projects in Germany: Supply and installation of a heat pump

We offer the assembly of heat pumps and air conditioning all over the countries in the European Union.There are lots of parts in Germany, where heating is still powered by liquid fuel - diesel.The heating season of a house or a building is associated with refueling diesel fuel in tanks that are located on the ground floors. According to our customers, it is already too expensive and unprofitable for them, since one heating season costs about 4,000 euros. Therefore, they went in the search of an offer that will save them both the money and the inconvenience to order diesel fuel every year.In the north of Germany, we replaced the old diesel equipment with a heat pump LG, which possesses an international service certificate. We used an alre

ady installed the heating system, and implemented a 500 liters’ water heater for hot household water.For another client, still in the north of Germany, we placed the Samsung thermal equipment, and installed a pipe wiring for floor heating, a water heater with a capacity of 1000 liters, and air-conditioning convectors.  After the first heating season, after installing the heat pump, we received a call from our client, to let us know he’s extremely satisfied with his electricity bills, which dramatically decreased to 200 euros per month.For another client in Stuttgart, we have built a heating system with radiators for a family house. We have installed two LG heat pumps, and radiators for each room and sanitary facilities.