Projects in France: Delivery and installation of equipment for a grocery store

For our client in France, the city Marseille, we provided and installed refrigeration equipment and air conditioning for a new grocery store.We built a medium and low-temperature refrigerator chambers, in the warehouse of the store, and connected them to the refrigeration units with the aggregate Kopelland for outdoor installation.We installed five units of medium-refrigerating vertical booths connected to the Copelland refrigerating units.The client required that the units should be exclusively silent, because the store is located in the b

asement of a residential building, and it is important that there are no signals against his activities.The unit that we installed is equipped with a fan speed controller, the compressor can operate with a variable capacity from 20% to 100%, depending on the power demand of the refrigerator, thus ensuring a low noise level and an energy-saving program.For the commercial part, we have installed a multi-split mechanism with two internal bodies, designed to work at high external temperatures.To us, this is another successfully completed site.