MERE Supermarke - 20 refrigerated rooms

The international chain of food supermarkets MERE step in the Bulgarian market in 2022. The concept of the store provides a self-service refrigerated room with two entrances and a large presentation showcase through which the customers of the store can view the products and shop themselves. For the design and construction of a total of 20 refrigerated rooms for 20 stores across the country, the MERE team chose HLAD Ltd as its par

tner in Bulgaria. The premises are built on an already prepared floor, with a volume of 230 cc each, powered by a refrigeration unit of 22 kilowatts power, maintaining a temperature of +2 to +6 degrees Celsius. Air tightness tests were carried out with dry nitrogen for a period of 24 hours and under vacuum for the same period. After the installation was launched, it was monitored for its smooth operation for a period of 48 hours.