Installation of refrigeration equipment in France

We’re willing to present you one of our completed projects, on the territory of the European Union, in the city Marseille in France.

For refrigeration equipment in a grocery store, we delivered and assembled 3 outdoor refrigeration units of the brand Copelland, which feed: a medium temperature and a low temperature refrigerating chambers, as well as 5 vertical refrigerated display cases.

We provided the design and the calculations of the necessary refrigeration units to our engineer to ensure the correct and uninterrupted operation of refrigerating system.

It was also necessary to correctly calculate a copper tubular route with a length of more than 20 meters for each of the consumers, each of them requiring different approach.

We have decided to offer the customer, noise-free refrigeration units that have an extremely low noise level (48db/, fan speed controller, silent scroll last generation compressors, with a speed controller, which have the ability to operate from 20-100% of the capacity, depending on the customer’s need, due to the fact that the grocery is located on the ground floor of a residential building.

We have fulfilled the customer's requirement for low noise and low power consumption units.

The refrigerating panels and doors were delivered from Bulgaria, as well as the whole process of construction of two refrigerating rooms, installation of 3 pieces of refrigerating units, installation of 5 pieces of refrigerating showcases, construction of tubular tracks, installation of refrigeration automation and electric tray, installation of multi split air conditioner, conducting tests for tightness with dry nitrogen, starting installations, conducting tests for uninterrupted operation of installations, with a team of 4 people, for 7 working days.

All our activities have been adapted to the specifics of the French legislation, the refrigeration chambers meet all medical and sanitary requirements.

This is another successfully completed project to the Hlad Ltd team in Europe, it is a pleasure and responsibility for us to be on duty, regardless of the place of execution.