Industrial cold room - MESKO

For our client, the meat factory "MESKO" in Petrich, we have designed and built a refrigerating room of 170 cubic meters as part of their regional distribution warehouse. The executive works included the taking off of the existing refrigeration room (a volume of 50 cubic meters) and the installation of a completely new refrigeration room with the size of 11 m per 6 m, which we captured with a semi-hermetic piston compressor "DORIN" -Italy, and laid a pipe route wi

th the length of 14 meters. As part of the new room, we installed the old refrigerating room, which serves now as a cooled vestibule, to the main refrigerating room. We have performed in 10 days, from the start of the project, to the initial run of the refrigeration unit and uninterrupted operation tests within 24 hours. During this period, the installation was tested for tightness under pressure with dry nitrogen for 12 hours and another 12 hours in vacuum state.