Hlad Ltd has accumulated experience in the delivery and installation of heat pumps in Germany.

For our customers, in the area of Northern Bavaria, we supply and install equipment for a heat pump for underfloor heating, we lay pipes for 200 sq.m, we installed a cooling convector, and also 200 liters of a water heater for hot household water.

The Samsung heat pump has zero pollution emissions, and with it, some preferences are available when participating in energy efficiency programs.

For another site, we supplied and installed a heat pump for underfloor heating of a family home, on two floors, convectors for cooling and 300 liters of water heater.

For one of our clients in the same area, we replaced an old diesel heat pump that the client has used so far, and connected it to an existing radiator installation. Thus, the customer received an energy-efficient system, replacing only the boiler of diesel fuel. 

Our client let us know that the heating season cost him around 8,000 euros for diesel fuel, and the service, as at the moment with a heat pump, after using some preferences, the winter season costs him around 1,000 euros.

For our client in Stuttgart, we supplied and installed two heat pumps for a family house, which we equipped with radiators for heating and a 300-liter water heater. By this time, the client was carrying out repair work, which gave us the opportunity to install the pipe track and all the equipment.

Hlad Ltd provides supply, installation, warranty and non-warranty service in Germany: heat pumps, construction of refrigeration facilities, supply and installation of refrigeration equipment and air conditioning systems.

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