If you need a refrigeration unit for your commercial facility, production, industry, etc., we provide full service, including professional advice, design and calculations, choice of suitable equipment, calibration and construction of copper pipe tracks, assembly of electric installation, delivery, and installation of equipment in a short time frame, also installation of commercial refrigeration equipment, warranty and non-warranty maintenance and prevention.

In many cases, refrigeration installations that require lots of cooling power are built in tandem with several compressors /refrigeration central/ and condensers, which can be both air and water coolers.

Water cooling is preferable where it’s possible to use recycled water or your own water source.

If you need to replace amortized refrigeration equipment on existing installations, we will provide you with products of worldwide brands in refrigeration, automation, and components.

Our team also provides an overview and preparation of regulations for the replacement of ship equipment, delivery, installation, and testing in short time periods.

Our services include consulting, design, construction, warranty, and over of warranty service and repair, prevention, and subscription service.

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