The silent refrigerating aggregate outdoor installation, with an extremely low noise level (from 39 dB/), is suitable for implementation in an urban environment, near residential and office buildings.

This option is pretty similar to the outdoor units of air conditioning systems and is preferred from many EU countries when it comes to low noise installations.

These units are equipped with a fan speed controller and operate in different capacities between 20-100%, depending on the cooling need, which, in turn, also leads to energy saving. In a word, these are modern technologies, in practical design.

Application: in refrigerating rooms and chambers or refrigerating booths, etc.

Centralized refrigeration installations can power several refrigerating consumers. This option is preferred for production facilities, processing plants, and warehouses when a large cooling capacity is required to perform.

Most often, the installation is built from 1-4 screws or piston compressors.

The condensers of these installations might be air-cooled or water-cooled /water towers/. Water cooling is preferable when a self-water source is available.

Application: refrigerating bases and warehouses, production, industry, processing enterprises, and plants.

The standard refrigeration installation is suitable for refrigeration units, refrigerated display booths, both alone or in a group when a small cooling capacity is needed.

Application: in small refrigerating rooms, restaurants, hotels, shops, kitchens, etc.

Carbon dioxide refrigerating units /CO₂/, where carbon dioxide is used to power the refrigerant, are suitable in case of cooling the rooms, where hot household water is also produced.

Application: if hot household water is necessary, in production, hotels, specialized processing, etc.

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