Heat pumps and equipment

Heat pumps with their versatility and energy efficiency program are the preferred solutions for heating, cooling, and hot domestic water.

There are many applications of heat pumps, such as determining the microclimate in your home, office, industrial building, shopping areas, and others.

You can choose one of the following cooling and heating options:

- floor heating;

- heating by radiators;

- heating with convectors;

- cooling by convectors;

- household hot water according to your needs;

Heat pumps can be supported by solar collectors, so when heating water, the operation of the heat pump is minimized.

Air conditioning of working and office spaces, with a refrigerant aggregate, are eligible when it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature regime while performing the working processes.

The possibility of installing convectors and air ducts made of metal or textiles.

We’re specialized also in the air conditioning of buildings and spaces with climate systems and central air conditioning with VRF / VRV systems or climate chambers.

We offer an A to Z service to customers, from consultations and on-site viewing, to fast delivery and installation of the equipment, as well as warranty and out-of-warranty services.

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