When designing and constructing a refrigerating room, we provide a visit to the facility, consultation on issues related to the specific storage conditions of each product, the need to maintain a certain temperature regime and humidity level in the room itself, the requirements for transport in the room, the choice of suitable pass-through doors, the choice of suitable equipment, legal and regulatory device, warranty and non-warranty service, etc.

Cold storage rooms can be built both indoors and outdoors with direct exposure to weather conditions depending on a standard or individually planned size, provided by the client while taking into consideration the provided terrain.

A certain number of refrigeration units with the same temperature regime (for example, medium-temperature regime) can be powered by one unit, which leads to less initial investment and an energy-saving program.

·         Industrial refrigeration rooms

We provide design, supply, and installation of refrigerating equipment for industrial refrigerating sites, warehouses, production enterprises, etc.

·         Small-sized refrigerating chambers

We have a variety of built-in small-sized refrigerating rooms for hotels, restaurants, shops, and supermarkets, professional kitchens, small production facilities, and processing plants.

·         Specialized refrigerating units

We are experienced in the construction of specialized refrigerating rooms, where it’s important to maintain both temperature and humidity, when storing local and dairy products, truffles, fruits and vegetables, pharmaceuticals, etc.

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