CLIENTS “Staria Chinar” and “Lale”: Restaurant and Pastry shop

In the heart of the Varna city, we have built two medium-temperature cold rooms – one for the restaurant part of “Staria Chinar”, and the other – for the pastry shop “Lale”.Both refrigerating chambers were equipped with a contactless aggregate Copelland for outdoor installation purposes.We were able to comply with the conditions for exceptional low noise levels since the operating units are located

right next to the guest rooms in the hotel part of “Cherno More”.The unit is equipped with a fan speed controller and a compressor that operates from 20% to 100% of its capacity, depending on the need for cooling, one of its most important advantages is its energy saving program.In addition, we also built a low-temperature chamber in service of the restaurant complex, which was also powered by and low-noise refrigerant.