CLIENT “BEREZKA”: Construction of a refrigerating warehouse base

For the warehouse of our client "Berezka" stores, we designed and built two medium-term refrigerating chambers with a total volume of 520 cubic meters, and two low-temperature refrigerating chambers with the volume of 560 cubic meters.We offered a complete service including personal meetings to consult the customer, visit to the site itself in order to recommend the best solution, and also calculating each refrigeration capacity in accordance with the required type, depending on the goods to be stored. Our team managed to choose the perfect fitting size of the pipe track, taking into account the length of more than 20 meters.The refrigeration units were exported outside the premises for more sustainable perf

ormance.We have laid more than 900 square meters cooling panels, with the total length of the cooling rooms of 61 meters and height of 3.5 meters.We fulfilled the client's condition, of low-temperature refrigerating of / - 25C/ by installing two semi-hermetic piston compressors and two air coolers in each room.The semi-hermetic compressors were installed in the average rooms and one air cooler was installed in each room.The entire project including the construction of refrigerating rooms, installation of refrigeration equipment, laying of copper pipe tracks, power and operational electric cables, performing tests with dry nitrogen, charging of the installations and the powering were completed within 30 days.